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Animet is the main school outfitter for Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

Animet stocks all the uniforms and sports- wear in the correct colours and livery for each of the major schools, in all appropriate sizes to cover the necessary age ranges.

We also supply corporate uniforms for catering and industrial businesses.

We at Animet are proud of our reputation as one of the leading and most reputable uniforms companies in the country. Established in 1999 and supplying over 100 schools, our prompt, personalized, and efficient service ensures your child starts school on time and decked out in the best quality school uniform.

Contact us for ready-made, as well as made-to measure, staff uniforms for domestic staff, corporate staff, factories, or hotels. No order is too small for us; our one-on-one sales and fitting services will guarantee that your company image is upheld with the highest of standards. Besides uniforms, we also brand promotional items like caps, umbrellas and t-shirts to advertise your company.

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