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Banana Box

“The Banana Box Company was founded in 1991. Our core goal has always been to empower people and effect positive and sustainable change in society, collaborating with communities, refugees and individual craftsmen and women to create and produce hand made crafts that have a deep story, products with a social mission and an environmental mission.

Our social mission is to continuously seek new and innovative ways to unlock the potential of the people that we work with. Adding value, and improving economic performance and social well being.

Our environmental mission is to create positive change in the world by sourcing and developing products made from sustainable and renewable materials. To tell the story behind these products and foster initiatives that conserve and protect the environment whilst providing jobs and opportunities for people. We are passionate about developing and promoting products made from recycled, up-cycled or repurposed materials including glass, paper, plastic, metal, horn and bone.

We are also committed to creating and improving opportunities for women and reducing gender discrimination.

We work with around 100 artisans on a regular basis who in turn have families that they support and other members in their communities whom they employ to produce and create the products which they supply to Banana Box.
Every product has a story, from the person who made it, the material that it is made from, the creating process, cultural significance, uniqueness, the place it comes from. It is important to us to be able to tell this story and is part of the buying experience.”

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