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Basco Paints an Integrated Paint Solutions Provider

Basco Products (K) Ltd commonly known as Basco Paints is a leading paint manufacturer with 40 years experience in the manufacture of paint and paint related products. Over the years the company has expanded its offering from the initial Basco economy range of paints to the Duracoat premium range, the Duracoat Royale range as well as a host of other top international brands. Basco Paints products are widely distributed in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Southern Sudan.

Basco Paints has differentiated itself by providing solutions to players in the construction industry for many years, such as specialized textured finishes like Pat’s Deco from France, San Deco from Turkey, Italian range, Venezia 24/7 and San Marco. The company is also the sole distributor of the Ronseal Wood Products range, the number one wood products in the UK. The partnership with leading companies globally has contributed to the making of an integrated paint solutions provider in the region.

Research and Development is a critical aspect in the product cycle at Basco Paints and constant feedback from the market is sought in the quest to provide relevant products that meet the demand of consumers. The company has enjoyed many firsts in the paint industry and has consistently emerged top in market research in innovation. In light of this, the Duracoat Eco-friendly range, Duracoat Anti-bacterial range, Duracoat Lead & Chrome Free range and Duracoat Fragrant range were all firsts in the region for Basco Paints. Most recently in 2016, the Duracoat Silicone range of exterior emulsions with 15 years warranty was launched.

Less than two decades ago, paint was available in a very limited range of shades and this has slowly increased over the years. Basco Paints prides itself in providing a range of over 7,000 shades which is the largest in the region. This is availed to consumers at over 200 convenient locations in the region, through the Duracoat Colourmania Centres which have Automated Computerized Tinting Systems (ACT) that dispense paint in a matter of minutes.

Basco Paints launched its first Duracoat Homes Solutions location in Nairobi’s up-market Fedha Valley Arcade shopping complex in 2013. This was in order to meet a market need consumers for a space to experience and see possibilities available with paint. Therefore the Duracoat Home Solutions brand was created to fit the high end showrooms developed for consumers to touch and feel textured paints and seek various colour and technical solutions to suit their project needs. Subsequently, more outlets have since been opened at Garden City, Ramco Hardware, Forest Road, Laxcon Hardware and Eldoret Paint Centre and The Hub-Karen.

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