F&F is one of the world’s leading fashion brands. Proudly developed and grown by Tesco, one of the world’s largest retailers.
F&F began life as “Florence & Fred” back in 2001 as a Men’s and Women’s Formalwear brand for Tesco in the UK. The brand was well received by the UK market. Clothing was taken seriously. High street designers and buyers were brought in to create fantastic collections at affordable prices for our customers.

When launched in Central Europe in 2007, the brand decided to become more culturally neutral so changed the name of the brand to F&F. As F&F continued to be successful the UK and now CE, the designers and buyers could see the opportunities of a brand that was of the moment fashion, made to a high quality and loved by its customers compared to the casual brand that was being sold alongside. They saw F&F styling could diversify into an adult casual range easily. They tried and tested a casual range; F&F customers loved it! We then moved into kids clothing, and recently home.

‘A quality, international, ‘of-the-moment’
fashion brand for men, women and kids at amazing prices’

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