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Mister Wok

“breath of a wok” is a poetic translation Grace Young first coined in her cookbook, The
Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen

The idea was to introduce dishes from Asia that would be universally accepted by offering an alternative to the Swahili / Indian influence

Mister Wok opened its doors on Valentine 14 years ago, drawn from the founders’ passion to serve healthy Chinese meals in Kenya. Growing up in Nairobi there were few choices then and was the go to meal for any celebration or get together

The cuisine sits perfectly well in between formal dining and fast food with notable advantages of variety since it’s a shared meal, affordable and healthier (unlike frozen fast food meats). Every dish is prepared fresh to order, also known as scratch cooking where sauces are made fresh per order with Meat and Vegetables hand cut fresh daily.

(CAPTION 3 Images) Mister Wok offers Vegetable and Chicken salads as well as steamed Dumplings which are a perfect accompaniment to the wide selection of soups on offer

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Many dishes that have gained popularity over the years becoming household names include – Vegetable Fried Rice, Chicken with Cashewnuts, Chicken, Lamb, Prawn, Beef or Vegetables cooked in Schezuan Style Sauce which has a bold flavour, derived from garlic, vinegar, and a combination of sweet, sour and chilli sauces creating the perfect balance

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There is a lot on offer for starters with prices as low as Kes. 300/- per portion for Spring Rolls. Other popular items include Golden Fried Prawns, Mister Wok Lamb Ribs, Chicken Wings, Salt and Pepper Vegetables that have become all-time favorites

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No family meal is complete if the children haven’t ordered Chicken Lollipops and Noodles. Noodles can be ordered with various toppings from plain, chicken, beef, prawns, vegetables and saucy. There is also a Kiddie menu that has a choice of noodles or Chips

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100% of the vegetables and meats are sourced locally and the only item that is used from an imported source is Dark cooking Soya. All meat is Halal and items on the menu are everyday ingredients found in Kenyan homes. The meals are wholesome and contain Ginger garlic paste combining two of nature’s most powerful healers. These anti-inflammatory herbs with several benefits including aiding digestion,

We all know the pleasures of good stir-fried dishes in restaurants. There’s an ineffable taste about them that says “Chinese,” and there are remarkable textures, colors and glaze throughout. This is achieve by cooking at very high temperatures in a very short time in traditional seasoned woks. The signature of stir fried is Crispy at the edges yet wholesome and juicy on the inside

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