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Mister Wok

Mister Wok Chinese Restaurant

Mister Wok Chinese Restaurant opened its doors to the public on Valentine’s Day 2004 and is becoming a household name. Entering into its 12th year of operations with its latest branch in the upmarket mall in Karen “The Hub”
Over the years the Brand has grown from strength to strength and has increased its capacity, menu offering, client base as well as captured new markets from the corporate and events world


The main cuisine offered is CHINESE with selections and ingredients selected specifically to suit and appeal to a wider population. The menu offers 28 varieties of soup alone and has almost 250 items on the menu with a separate bar menu. Additionally the menu offers steamed food and buns as well as salads and popular Thai dishes. The menu provides several beef, chicken, lamb vegetarian, sea food, in the starters and main course category with accompaniments and desserts


The menu has been refined in ensuring only the best ingredients are sourced and that are locally available. Given that Mister Wok is positioned in the premium dining range only the finest grade is purchased in every category (Sauces / Rice / Oil / Meat /Vegetables)

Target Clients

Over the years and through word of mouth the client base has consistently expanded and every month our floor records new clients. The constitution is primarily from the corporate segment and their families and has further included important occasions (Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, graduations)
Our Locations are strategically positioned providing an alternative lunch to fast food for business lunches and family meals.
Market potential
The market potential is very encouraging given the various PR initiatives and numerous banquets we have been engaged in,. This has helped demystify the Chinese offering, as regular Kenyan grown ingredients cooked in Chinese style. The misconception of reptiles and non conventional meat is being dispelled and a wider acceptance realized at our outlets
The Brand has featured in leading Electronic and print media and we are seeing an uptake especially at Mister Wok (Link below on AM LIVE SEPT 26, 2014 – Celebrating Food And Culture)
With an increasing urban population and an exploding middle income bracket coupled with a fast paced city life there is a very encouraging outlook over the coming years

Over the years the Corporate Identity has been harmonized with defined and acceptable policies on use of logo. The Company has invested heavily in branding from Paper Napkins, Bottled Water, Uniforms, Packaging material as well as outdoor media, menu cards etc.
This is aimed at achieving brand recognition, brand recall, and brand loyalty
From the old tag line of absolutely Chinese, the brand now carries a tag line “Simply delicious”
This has been extended to incorporate the simplicity of doing business with Mister Wok.
Using simple and natural materials in shop frontage and shop fit outs
Simple reporting and accounting systems and methods simplifying the menu
HR Policy
Mister Wok is an equal opportunity employer and the most important criteria after integrity is adaptability and enthusiasm to learn. The interviews are conducted to assess the candidate’s personality for pleasantness and above all a team player.
Having met these base line standards there are 10 hours of in-house training per quarter in a formal setup (spread over 13 weeks) and on job training from immediate supervisors
The Terms of reference are clarified and roles and responsibilities defined
Feedback is provided continuously in a non threatening manner
The Group General Manager reports to the Board of Directors .The Branch Managers report directly to the Group General Manager.
At a branch level each Branch Manager oversees operations through the Floor Manager, Cashier and Senior Chef. The Branch Manager ensures smooth operations on a day to day basis
The Chef commands a 4 man Kitchen and is supported by a cleaner, menus are predetermined and his responsibility is to ensure adequate supplies and timely delivery of orders
The service team is led by a floor manager who is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining guest relations and ensuring client retention through superior service levels and guest relations. He leads a 3 to 4 man service team and ensures cleanliness and timely delivery
The cashiers are responsible for submitting daily reports to the Branch manager and maintaining the cash float for petty cash expenses. Cashiers handle billing, collection and banking functions
Mr. Hadi manages quality control and production
Mr. Janmohamed manages the financial functions of the organization
Mr. Virani manages the brand, PR, Standard Operating procedures, Policies and administration functions of the organization Staff training

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