SK Collection

SK Collection is a locally produced brand that has been growing and building its presence in the market for the past fifteen years. SK Collection is a preta-porter store that produces distinct garments using the finest materials while using local craftsmen who produce quality standard garments that are suitable for the international market.

The brand compliments classic elegant silhouettes that appeal to every woman. Inspired by all shapes and forms that surround her, Sally Karago uses this as her blank canvas to create the very essence that women are attracted to; classic and timeless silhouettes. She prides herself in not compromising on fabrics and loves to learn and explore different textures and colors. She uses the diversity of various rich culture backgrounds to add the authentic design elements, thus each piece from her collection is a story that is being told in an aesthetically creative manner. She transforms these beautiful shapes into well-crafted stories.

Sally Karago believes that one should have access to local products, thus her price cap for the market is incomparable to any other allowing for a local and international presence. A great attribute to SK Collection is the availability of accessories at her boutique, which she feels completes a woman’s look. Adding a beautiful bag, paired with earrings, a bracelet or any form of jewelry will dazzle and compliment your style.

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